The G.O.D team

About Marcus

Niklas: -The dad in the group who keeps track of most things that concern G.O.D. Likes to make sure everyone is well. Probably the worst Warzone player ever. Easily offended and farts when he is scared. Should start playing Sims. 

Mattias: - A real 100% man with a rare commitment. Despite his Scanian descent he is the founding father of G.O.D. 

Nille: -Calm and laid back but don´t be fooled, he is lethal and will stab you when you least expect it. 

Nick: -A true friend who is there for you in any situation. A genuinely kind friend. If you are friends with Marcus, you have a friend for life. But he looks down on us a little less fortunate and could need to raise his sensitivity in the game to match his bank account. 

About Nille

Marcus: -The charmer of the group. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when the Casanova from Bjuv joins. Nilles' charm is what saves him. In a gunfight he is the one who survives because the opponents feel sorry for him.

We calculate he will be able to hit a barn while standing inside it by the end of 2023. 

Nicklas: -A guy with great energy that we like to play with. Speaks his mind and is a steady player in G.O.D.

Easily gets grumpy as a bitch and thinks he is better than he is. He would definitely need to come down to earth. Kid, your KD sucks. 

Mattias: -Mr Triggerfinger, sick aim and a real rock for G.O.D. 

Nick: -A smart and nice guy who has most things under control. A team player that cares for everyone. He is from Bjuv, but that is not his fault. Leaving the team for some loot is never wrong…

About Mattias

Marcus: -Our creative mind and positive spirit. Awesome at coming with new inputs and suggesting new games. A follower-favorite!

Regardless  of what language he speaks in his streams it’s fucking lucky there are subtitles. He sounds like he has eaten a bun, thrown up in his mouth and is trying to sing the Danish national anthem. You need a speech therapist! 

Niklas: -Mattias has a lot of new ideas that he wants to present to us in order to give our followers that little extra something.

He is a mix of PC and PS4. 

Nille: Left us to play PC when we needed him the most. We have finally got him back! But he still can’t fucking aim with control!

Nick: -He has a lot of things going on and likes to find new ways and great ideas. Nice guy who is easy to talk to and always close to laughter. The fact that nobody understands him is another story. Google translate comes in handy in many situations.

About Niklas

Marcus: -The Einstein of the group. Driving in all matters. A stable General who will follow his men to the grave. And by “Einstein of the group” I mean a grumpy old man who is never on time and spends more time on the sideline bitching when things doesn't go the way he wants. Breastfed until he was 20. Stick to Worms! 

Mattias: -The man, the myth, the legend! The part of G.O.D you love to beat but hate to lose to. 400% commitment when he has a goal. If the mic goes silent, you know you have pissed him off, and it’s time for the opposing team to watch out… 

Nille: -The  most vocal and happy topp fragger of the team. But when his team mates beat him, the dark side comes out. 

Nick: -Genuinely kind guy who cares for everybody. He is very approachable and spreads a lot of laughter. Plays like a pro and is a real killer.  Could use an anger management class, but comes through in the end. Most of the time we have to buy him back, but that is on us. 

About Nick

Marcus: - The rock of G.O.D in any weather. It can blow storms, rain small nails and be a nuclear war at the same time, Nick will show up, deliver and do it with style.

The fact that he is a little behind is because he lives in the woods. While the rest of us have 100 connections, he has a fishing wire between two paper cups…

Niklas: -Nick has a cutting edge skill - camping! Biggest camper we have in the group. I understand your thinking when you are completely unable to aim, but come on! Start training or do me a favor; Log of and join the others on Sims. 

Mattias:  -With Warzone and Scania as his comfort zone he is the calmest of us. It’s almost like you think he is walking around with a resting heart rate when the rest of us have a heart rate of 440! A real rock in a FPS team! 

Nille: -Likes to steer the sheep in the right direction. When the sheep doesn't go where they are supposed to he likes to watch them die in battle and laugh. 

Nille: -Likes to steer the sheep in the right direction. When the sheep doesn't go where they are supposed to he likes to watch them die in battle and laugh.