The G.O.D team

About Marcus

Niklas: -The dad in the group who keeps track of most things that concern G.O.D. Likes to make sure everyone is well. Probably the worst Warzone player ever. Easily offended and farts when he is scared. Should start playing Sims. 

Nille: -Calm and laid back but don´t be fooled, he is lethal and will stab you when you least expect it. 

Mauro: -A real friend that likes to know if everyone is doing well everyday we log in. He is obsessed with my ass! But hey, can you blame him? My ass is on fire.

About Nille

Marcus: -The charmer of the group. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when the Casanova from Bjuv joins. Nilles' charm is what saves him. In a gunfight he is the one who survives because the opponents feel sorry for him.

We calculate he will be able to hit a barn while standing inside it by the end of 2023. 

Niklas: -A guy with great energy that we like to play with. Speaks his mind and is a steady player in G.O.D.

Easily gets grumpy as a bitch and thinks he is better than he is. He would definitely need to come down to earth. Kid, your KD sucks. 

Mauro: -Mr smooth talker, sounds like a real Don Juan with some sick aim! If a teammate is down next to a loot box and enemies nearby, you go for the revive right? Well.. Not this guy!

About Niklas

Marcus: -The Einstein of the group. Driving in all matters. A stable General who will follow his men to the grave. And by “Einstein of the group” I mean a grumpy old man who is never on time and spends more time on the sideline bitching when things doesn't go the way he wants. Breastfed until he was 20. Stick to Worms! 

Nille: -The  most vocal and happy topp fragger of the team. But when his team mates beat him, the dark side comes out. 

Mauro: -The real provocateur/ comedian in the group with  the best k/d, you always have a good laugh when he’s in the party. Buy him back quickly though in warzone or you’ll never hear the end of it. Thinks he’s above everyone else, probably because of his leftist political views

About Mauro

Marcus: - Mauro is to us what Jesse Pinkman is to Walter White. Stubborn, empathetic, responsive and he won’t get tired or give up. Like a Jehovah's witness. Mauro would perform better if he spent more time gaming and less time on mani/pedis. His feminine persona would suit him better if he didn't look like a retarded Antionio Banderas. Makes you want to vomit. 

Niklas: -Mauro is the last into the group. Nice, funny guy who has joined the crew in a good way. Truly kind guy. Probably one of the worst I know of at playing games. His speciality is camping. The biggest camper I ever met. Stick to Monopoly!

Nille: -Mauro is our own nudist! Always going astray chasing the perfect selfie. But when it gets hot he will scare off the enemies with his salsa ass.